Vitalization of Industrial Base

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Revitalization of the network of innovative entities in Magok and establishment

of an open convergence R&D innovation environment

    • Corporate Support

      Industrial base planning and revitalization

      Industrial base planning and revitalization
      • Industrial base planning and revitalization 사진1
      • Industrial base planning and revitalization 사진2
      • Industrial base planning and revitalization 사진3

      We present the SBA vision and role in line with the policy direction of the industrial base in Seoul, and contribute to the successful creation and operation of the industrial base in Seoul by establishing strategies for corporate support and industrial ecosystem activation for industrial development.

      #Seoul Industrial Base #Innovation District #Activation of Industrial Ecosystem #Creation of Innovation Growth Engine
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      Future-oriented high-tech (IT, BT, GT, NT) R & D complex

      Activation of Magok Industrial Base Ecosystem
      • Activation of Magok Industrial Base Ecosystem 사진1
      • Activation of Magok Industrial Base Ecosystem 사진2

      The center of global innovation growth where R&D capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises are gathered. We are playing a role as an innovation maker that fosters global “Magok” by creating a convergent R&D ecosystem and supporting specialized companies through networking activation between innovative entities (corporation, related agencies, research institutes, etc.).

      #Seoul Industrial Base #Magok Industrial Complex #Innovation District #Industrial Win-Win Cooperation # R & D Industrial Base
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      Accelerating innovation through corporate venturing

      Seoul Startup Hub M+
      • 서울창업허브 M+ 사진1
      • 서울창업허브 M+ 사진2
      • 서울창업허브 M+ 사진3
      • 서울창업허브 M+ 사진4

      『Seoul Startup Hub M+』 is the platform that helps companies and startups innovate through corporate venturing and open innovation. We provide programs that help companies and startups create synergies and a better future through cooperation.
      We support innovation and sustainable growth in a continuous manner. The platform is to open up new possibilities that both large and small and medium-sized companies in the Magok industrial complex and startups are creating together.

      #Open Innovation #Weconomy #Corporate Venturing #Magok Industrial Complex #Global #Investment

      Point of Contact : Seoul Startup Hub M+ ☎ 02)361-5406

    • Citizen / Corporate

      A collection of 'brains' that want to change the future

      Digital Media City (DMC)
      • Digital Media City (DMC) 사진1

      DMC is one of Korea's leading competitors in the 21st century knowledge and information-based market. It is a big contributor to gaining an edge.

      #Digital Media City #Cultural Entertainment #Knowledge Information Infrastructure Project #Entertainment Cluster
    • Citizen / Corporate

      From manufacturing to high-tech industry!

      Activating G Valley
      • Activating G Valley 사진1

      Located in Guro-dong, G-Valley is an area where the manufacturing industry has been active in the past. In the recent 4th Industrial Revolution, G-Valley is transforming into a place where IT-based industries based on manufacturing coexist.

      #G Valley Activation #Geumcheon #Guro # Manufacturing / Advanced Technology
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      Electrical / Electronic / Software Specialized Makerspace Lab

      G‧CAMP Makerspace
      • G‧CAMP Makerspace 사진1

      Based on specialized equipment for prototype production, testing, and mass production, more than 10 professional workers help manufacturers to quickly commercialize and support innovation of local SMEs through cooperation with large companies and professional manufacturing companies.

      #Prototyping #Hardware Hackathon #Making Workshop
    • Corporate Support

      Korea's Excellent Trade Exhibition & Convention

      • SETEC 사진1

      SETEC, Korea's leading exhibition and convention facility, is equipped with specialized exhibition facilities, conference facilities, and support systems, and provides you with opportunities for new opportunities and exchanges for successful business.

      #SETEC #SETEC #SETEC Mega Show #Mega Show #Exhibition Hall