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Is it difficult to manage intellectual property of creative technology / trademark / design?

We will provide customized services for securing and protecting intellectual property.

    • Seoul's only public intellectual property service provider

      Seoul Intellectual Property Center
      • Seoul Intellectual Property Center 사진1

      It aims to revitalize the Seoul economy and create quality jobs by providing comprehensive intellectual property support services based on customer needs, including the creation, protection, and utilization of intellectual property rights, the fostering of IP star companies, and the establishment of intellectual property infrastructure for Seoul citizens and small and medium-sized enterprises in Seoul. We are here to help

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      Don't worry about intellectual property costs!

      Creation cost support
      • Creation cost support 사진1

      The creation support business supports the agent's costs for applying for domestic, overseas patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks to citizens and SMEs in Seoul.

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      Competitiveness Protected by Intellectual Property Rights

      Intellectual Property Protection Support
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      The Intellectual Property Protection Support Project is operating reports, consultations, IP judgment, litigation and infringement control, and a technical protection support group to protect intellectual property rights of Seoul citizens and SMEs.

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    • Corporate

      I am the next generation star company!

      Fostering Global IP Star Company
      • Fostering Global IP Star Company 사진1

      The Seoul Intellectual Property Center selects export-oriented SMEs in Seoul with excellent intellectual property rights through a global IP star company development project, and provides support for overseas rights meetings, patent technology promotional video production, patent maps, and non-English speaking brands for three years.

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      Make your ideas a reality!

      IP Stepping Program
      • IP Stepping Program 사진1

      'IP Stepping Program' contributes to vitalizing intellectual property-based entrepreneurship ecosystem by establishing and commercializing business models by upgrading and embodying excellent ideas of prospective founders through hands-on training and consulting.

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      Defend the founding items!

      IP program
      • IP program 사진1

      In order for the technology-based start-up company's idea product to secure a monopoly market, the start-up company analyzes patent design information on the main business items to identify IP trends and examine other IP infringements to effectively protect the main business items. Service is provided.

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    • Corporate

      Customized IP Support Service

      SME IP Immediate Support Service
      • SME IP Immediate Support Service 사진1

      The Seoul Intellectual Property Center discovers intellectual property difficulties of SMEs in Seoul and provides customized IP support programs according to corporate issues.

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      I'll let you know IPR easily

      Intellectual Property Awareness Training
      • Intellectual Property Awareness Training 사진1

      The company conducts education on intellectual property rights such as startup trends and start-up trends, creative thinking and ideas, intellectual property rights and protection strategies, intellectual property information and retrieval, and technology start-up and intellectual property importance programs.

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    • Corporate

      Difficult IP Consulting! Solve at once!

      IP Expert Consulting
      • IP Expert Consulting 사진1

      Support for IP-related problems through prompt IP consulting for Seoul citizens and SMEs in Seoul

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      Win-Win Culture of Intellectual Property!

      Intellectual Property Talent Sharing
      • Intellectual Property Talent Sharing 사진1

      Creating a win-win culture of intellectual property by connecting the underprivileged companies to be socially protected and intellectual property experts who want to return talent to society

      # Seoul Intellectual Property Center Counseling on Intellectual Property Rights
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      Commercialization Consulting Support

      Technology Transfer Promotion Program
      • Technology Transfer Promotion Program 사진1

      Provides information for SMEs to commercialize unutilized technology possessed by Seoul, universities, and research institutes, and provides consulting for technology evaluation and commercialization

      #Seoul Intellectual Property Center # Technology Transfer Promotion Program # Technology Evaluation Consulting # Commercial Consulting