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Operation of Seoul Animation Center

Seoul Animation Center

We create a strong cultural industry company by supporting the digital cultural content industry.

SBA is comprehensively supporting and raising the digital cultural content industry through aiding creation and production in the cartoon, animation, game, and character industries, supporting marketing, and the education to raise human resources.

Major Facilities
Display Room :
It is a professional display space in which exhibitions under diverse subjects including the cultural contents are held. Such exhibitions include the ARTTOON ART, Exhibition for 100 Modern Cartoonists of Korea, and SF Mania Exhibition.
Character Experience Display Room :
It is equipped with a stop-motion animation experience space and experience display room in which it is possible to create an animation video clip of one¡¯s own by creating a character in clay and taking photos with a camera.
Character Prototype Production Room :
It is a professional working space equipped with the latest digital 3D modeling system to develop the 3D character products from the domestic 2D characters.
It is equipped with a specialized system to develop a prototype of a character product from the simple prototype equipments to create a sample to equipments with which it is possible to create high-quality prototype.
Technology Support Room :
Equipped with video clip edit room and audio-edit room, it is providing the highest-quality service to create works with high degree of completion.
Major Businesses
01 The Support for Development and Manufacturing of Digital Cultural Contents

It is helping a creation of multilateral digital cultural contents through various projects to support manufacturing.

The Support for Seoul International Digital Cartoon Contest and animation free-production
- Discovering new contents through supporting development in the planning step
Operation of Technology Support Office
- Technological help such as image, recording, and editing in working on the later part of the animation production
Operation of Character Prototype Production Room
- Possible to develop figure products using the characters
02 Supporting of Digital Cultural Contents Marketing
- Supporting of participation in the domestic and international markets professionalizing in cartoons, animations, and games
- Holding local export consultations
- Project of supporting translation for excellent animations
- Hosting SICAF SPP, e-Stars Seoul, Siggraph Asia, and Ani Awards
03 Expansion of Digital Cultural Contents Base through Raising and Training New Creative Human Resources
- Operation of cyber video contents archive
- Holding seminars and workshops
- Educational programs to develop experts
- Promotion of practical education to expand the base
04 Operation of Cultural Contents Fund

Through developing and operating the professional investment funds to raise the digital cultural contents industry in focus, it is establishing an investment virtuous cycle system of digital cultural contents industry and intensifying the industrial competitive power.

We aim for an open cultural space of developing the dreams and the future.

Seoul Animation Center not only holds various events to grow the dreams and the hopes of the children and improve their creativity but also promotes diverse projects to support developing works and markets of companies related to the digital cultural contents.

Seoul Animation Center

Seoul Animation Center
Seoul Ani Cinema :
Seoul Ani Cinema, the first theater in Korea exclusively used for the animation, has opened in January 2005 to improve the imbalanced domestic distribution structure, vitalize the domestic animation industry, and expand the base of the domestic animation industry by providing a stable distribution of animations and an exclusive theater for the animations. It screens the domestic and international short and long animation works throughout the year and holds creative cultural events such as planned movie festival, production report conference, preview, and seminar frequently to expand the theater¡¯s functions and to contribute to the cultural exchange with the overseas.
Seoul Cartoon Museum :
Seoul Cartoon Museum, constructed in 2002 to support cartoon industry and establish related data of Korea, has organized the book information room on the first floor and the video information room and exhibition room on the second floor. The domestic and international related books including the published cartoons are displayed in the book information room. It can be read freely. The video information room has animation works released both in Korea and internationally. It is place to view to see the works. It consists of individual watching seat and mini-theater for a group of about 30 people.

Seoul Game Contents Center

We will turn Seoul into the mecca of game industry!

Seoul Game Contents Center which provides a space to move in for small-and-medium-size game companies and new game companies at their initial stage of Seoul, Korea is equipped with supporting programs of providing game engines, various graphics, software, sound sources, and designs required to develop a game for free to contribute to vitalizing the  game industry in Seoul.

Seoul Game Contents Center
Major Facilities
Move-in Office :
It is a space for residing companies to develop games.
Operation Office :
It is the operation office of Seoul Game Contents Center.
Contents R&D :
It is a comprehensive contents space to read and study games of other companies as well as various overseas game magazines.
Game Display Room :
It is a space in which it is possible to see the games of residing companies at a glance.
Major Businesses
01 The Support for Facilities
- Provision of various meeting rooms and business meeting rooms
- Provision of work convenience facilities such as public OA room
- Use of Contents R&D Room in which it is possible to see the game consoles of other companies as well as overseas game magazines
- Provision of welfare facilities such as relaxation space, room for exercise, and shower room
02 Programs to Support Residing Companies
- Supporting overseas marketing such as a program to match the overseas publishing company such as with a one in China
- Supporting cost of development of great games such as mobile and web games
- Supporting a shared marketing (publishing) through creating a shared homepage
- Operating a management support program providing such as management consulting and legal advise
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  • Location : 126 Soparo (8-145) Sopa-ro Joong-gu Seoul Korea
  • Contact Us : Email : / fax) 82-2-3455-8329
  • Subway : [Myungdong Station on Line #4] Exit #1
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  • Location : DMC High-tech Venture Center 7th fl. Sangam-dong Mapo-gu Seoul Korea
  • Contact Number : Email) fax)82-2-3153-7086
  • Subway : [Digital Media City Station on Line # 6] Exit #2 and4
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